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When a property has been neglected for some time, it can become overgrown, filled with weeds and choked by thick brush. At Acadia Property Management, LLC, we specialize in restoring these properties through selective vegetation removal. Based in Cumberland, ME, our professional crew will come out and assess your property to determine the best way to restore it to a healthy and usable state. We have the capacity to turn forest into field, and field into lawn.

Our land clearing services include:

  • Large field mowing
  • Overgrowth and brush removal
  • Reducing tripping and fire hazards
  • Erosion prevention

Our team of experts can turn a rocky, unusable plot of land into a lush, green lawn that's ready for landscaping and hardscaping. Learn more about field restoration when you call 207-829-6222 today.

So much more than mowing

So much more than mowing

In addition to removing brush and other natural overgrowth, the crew at Acadia Property Management can also deal with wet or flooded areas on your property by installing drainage pipes. With careful planning, we'll help channel water away from low-lying areas.

Our field restoration services can also include the installation of gravel "superhighways." These access roads won't wash away after heavy rain or snowfall. If you already have gravel roads, you can count on us to restore them to better than new condition.

Trust Acadia Property Management to improve the condition of your property. We guarantee our work. Ask for details.

Book us for our road and driveway restoration and maintenance services. Sign up for our land clearing services in Cumberland, Falmouth, Topsham, Portland & Brunswick, ME as soon as possible.