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Front yard renovation from overgrown rough terrain


"We LOVE the way the property looks and are so pleased with the care and attention to detail that you gave this job."

Nancy F.



Bruce Wildes of Acadia Property Management LLC, recently completed the construction process of our new pole barn (garage), with outstanding landscaping. After meeting with other landscapers and getting their ideas, suggestions and quotes, we chose Bruce even though his quote was higher than the others.  The reason was due to his thoroughness in observing, explaining and suggesting what and how he would complete the job.  He explained that he would spread and grade loam around garage, as well as build a ramp from the back door which would allow a tractor into the garage.  He also noted that the space between the pole barn (garage) and the house/deck needed considerable work. It needed to be leveled and the underside of the mud room and deck enclosed so as to support the leveling material. Bruce suggested using retaining wall blocks then grading, leveling, and using pavers to build a walkway from front of the garage, between the house to the deck with steps leading to the back yard.  He also noted that there was a space (approximately 3') between the end of the driveway pavement and the elevated cement pad of the garage.  Up to this point, our solution was to hire a paving company to connect the pavement to the garage realizing that that would require additional excavation and paving costs.  However, Bruce reasonably suggested using pavers to fill the gap between existing driveway pavement and the cement pad.  Our acceptance of Bruce's quote was largely based on his suggestions and thoroughness and realizing that we would be receiving a more complete service and final product.   The results are outstanding!  Bruce completed the project within the time frame and quote he estimated and with remarkable results.  The work was expertly done with keen attention to detail, expert craftsmanship, and making his acquaintance was most enjoyable.  We are extremely pleased with the outcome and highly recommend him for his work ethic, honesty and craftsmanship, as someone to fulfill landscaping requirements.  

Greg and Jayne Thornton